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The leadership team at Iowa Heart Center is made up of some of the Midwest's most respected healthcare executives.

  • Julie Younger

    Division Vice President & Chief Administrative Officer

    Julie  Younger
  • Dr. Michael Fraizer

    Physician Chief Executive Officer

    Dr. Michael  Fraizer
  • Dr. Denise Sorrentino

    Chief Operations Officer

    Dr. Denise Sorrentino
  • Dr. Jennifer Goerbig-Campbell

    Quality Program Director

    Dr. Jennifer  Goerbig-Campbell
  • Dr. Troy Hounshell

    Research Program Director

    Dr. Troy Hounshell
  • Dr. Richard Marcus

    Ultrasound Program Director

    Dr. Richard Marcus
  • Dr. Robert Hoyt

    Heart Rhythm Program Director

    Dr. Robert  Hoyt
  • Dr. Jose Borromeo

    Vascular Surgery Program Director

    Dr. Jose  Borromeo
  • Dr. Bart Jenson

    Cardiothoracic Surgery Program Director

    Dr. Bart Jenson
  • Dr. Mark Bissing

    Cardiology Program Director

    Dr. Mark Bissing
  • Dr. Eric Martin

    Program Director, MRI & Nuclear; Prevention & Wellness

    Dr. Eric Martin
  • Dr. Magdi Ghali

    Cath Lab Program Director

    Dr. Magdi Ghali
  • Dr. Chris Kassiotis

    Advanced Heart Failure Program Director

    Dr. Chris Kassiotis