New CT Scanner at MercyOne Iowa Heart Center

MercyOne Iowa Heart Center recently installed the NAEOTOM Alpha® with Quantum Technology – the world’s first photon-counting computed tomography (CT) scanner. This revolutionary technology generates high-resolution images with a new level of detail faster and in a single scan with less radiation exposure to both patients and staff. There are only 20 Alpha systems installed worldwide and MercyOne is one of the first hospitals to install the system.

“This is a game-changer and the future of CT technology,” said Dr. Eric Martin, cardiologist and medical director of advanced cardiovascular imaging and preventive cardiology at MercyOne Iowa Heart Center. “This is the highest resolution in cardiac CT that we have ever seen. We can see details of the heart that were not visible before and scan patients with stents which we haven’t been able to do before. We along with our patients and community are very fortunate to have this technology available to us which will help us provide more answers to more patients and increase the success of treatment and outcomes.”