W. Ben Johnson M.D.


W. Ben Johnson M.D. Electrophysiologist

Electrophysiology - the study of the heart's electrical system - is the interest of Dr. Ben Johnson. By using special diagnostic equipment, he can determine the paths of electrical impulses that trigger each heartbeat.

Once that path has been determined, he can prescribe treatment to alleviate a racing heartbeat, or correct other irregular heart rhythms. Treatments include medications, ablation therapy and the implantation of pacemakers and defibrillators.

Dr. Johnson was born in Ames and attended high school in Omaha. He returned to his birthplace to earn an undergraduate degree from Iowa State University, and attained a medical degree from the University of Iowa. His internship, residency and fellowship were all completed at the Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland.

Dr. Johnson practiced in St. Cloud, MN, for two years before joining Iowa Heart Center in 1988. He is board certified in cardiology and cardiac electrophysiology, and currently practices at Mercy Medical Center - Des Moines.