Patient Safety

Patients and their safety are a priority at MercyOne Iowa Heart Center. Physicians, nurses, and other caregivers and will work to provide safe care while you are here and protect you against accidental injury. However, it is important that you also be involved in this process to ensure your safety.

The single most important way you can help to prevent medical errors is to be an active member of your health care team. That means taking part in every decision about your health care. At MercyOne Iowa Heart Center, we encourage and support open and honest communication with you, your family and your health care team.

  • We encourage you, your family, and staff to speak up if there is a safety concern or question.
  • It is our policy to be open and honest with you and your family by informing you of the potential results of your care, including unexpected results.
  • We encourage you to designate a family spokesperson to help communication with your family and the health care team.
  • We encourage you to complete a satisfaction survey. We survey our patients to learn about their experience. We review these surveys and make changes as a result of your comments.
  • We welcome the opportunity to discuss the care you receive. If you have comments, questions, or concerns, please contact us.

Medication safety

  • State ALL medications and allergies to nurses, doctors and others who ask. This includes prescription, over-the-counter medicines and dietary supplements such as vitamins and herbs.
  • Ask for information about your medications in terms you can understand.
    • What is this medicine for?
    • How am I supposed to take it and for how long?
    • What side effects are likely?
    • What do I do if side effects occur?
    • Is this medicine safe to take with other medicines or dietary supplements I am taking?
    • What food, drink, or activities should I avoid while taking this medicine?
  • When you pick up your medicine from the pharmacy, check that it is what the doctor prescribed.