Sports Cardiology

If you have a COVID infection, our Sports Cardiology experts will provide consultation for when to return to play (sports) or exercise, and how to return safely. 

Our team of experts provide cardiovascular care for athletes at all levels of play whether competitive or recreational. We work with high school (ages 16 and above) and college age athletes, marathon runners and triathletes and recreational exercisers to help them achieve their goals and participate safely.  

The program provides

  • Comprehensive individual and sport specific cardiovascular assessment
    • thorough review of medical history
    • review of athletic history
    • evaluation of symptoms
    • cardiovascular physical examination
  • Advanced imaging techniques to insure accurate diagnosis and treatment plans which may include
    • Electrocardiogram
    • Exercise stress tests
    • Cardiac MRI
    • Other diagnostic cardiac tests

Patients come to the Sports Cardiology program for a variety of reasons such as:

  • Return to play guidance
  • Risk factors or family history of cardiovascular disease or sudden cardiac death
  • Advice on regaining athletic performance after a medical or surgical treatment
  • Clearance to return to athletic participation after an event or treatment 

Call 515-633-3600 to make an appointment with the Sports Cardiology program today!

No referral is necessary, unless specifically required by your insurance.